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Here's what some of our clients have been saying about us.

“We are a Jewish family that lives in the Toronto area. Two years ago my elderly Mom had surgery and didnot want to leave. So we called Green LaFleur GL homecare to provide a live-in caregiver. Now my Mom is happy at home. This was the best decision for my Mom.”

“My Dad is a VET and Green Lafleur GL Homecare has been providing him great care for over 4 years. Thanks Green LaFleur.”

“If your elderly parent suffers with Alzheimer you would understand we contacted Green LaFleur. Now Green LaFleur takes care of Dad and I have some time to spend with my own family.”

“My Mom has been sick for many years; we have made many trips in and out of the Hospital. The day Mom was declared palliative was too much for us. My Mom insisted that she wanted to go home, we didnot know what to do. I remember her Nurse at the Hospital giving us a pamphlet and saying call these people, they are a small agency but they do good work. GreenLaFleur staff was caring, respectful and they took care of everything. My family could breathe again.”